At Northern Weathermakers HVAC, Engineered Design and Construction Programs Offer Our Clients a Single Point of Contact

We begin each job by appointing a dedicated in-house project manager as the single point of contact for both external and internal communications. This program insures that Northern Weathermakers HVAC utilizes only our own employees as being responsible for both the design and construction of any project. Keeping our construction team in house assures that we guarantee the commercial HVAC systems we install are of the highest quality and meet all the standards important to our clients.

We offer in house engineering, drafting and project management. Additionally, we are not exclusive to any single manufacturer. We research, recommend and install the proper equipment for a particular project. This allows for reasonable lead time on procurement and delivery for materials needed. This also places us in a positive position for maintenance and service of the installed items.

Our Design/Build Features

  • Full coordination of all equipment and materials needed for a project
  • Cuts down on lead time for delivery and installation of equipment
  • Open and constant communication between project engineers and construction manager
  • Reduction in project costs and timelines
  • Single point of contact to create a defined chain of accountability within Northern Weathermakers HVAC for each project

Our Design/Build Benefits

  • 35% faster average turnaround from concept to completion
  • 20% average cost savings for our customers
  • 99% assurance of problem-free startup
  • 99% more likely to stay on budget
  • Rebate incentives from utility companies

Equipment Replacement

Our technicians have decades of knowledge and experience. They’re able to keep all models of equipment running in top condition. There inevitably comes a time, however, when it is best to replace commercial equipment. This can be when the equipment has surpassed its useful life, when it has been damaged, or when it no longer adequately serves its purpose.

Northern Weathermakers HVAC customers enjoy our “one stop shop” for equipment replacement. Our team can install virtually every make and model of commercial equipment, always looking for the very best fit for our customers’ needs. Because many of our customers don’t make such purchases frequently, they rely on us for advice on matters such as capacity planning, energy costs, building codes, municipal permits, and extended warranties. We can perform equipment replacement projects on a “turnkey” basis, or can coordinate our installation team with our customer’s electrician, roofer, etc. Our vendor partnerships deliver for our customers the best options regarding crane or helicopter lifts, equipment moving and demolition services.

Northern Weathermakers HVAC can design and install commercial equipment for building additions or expansions. Many of our customers have relied on us when they need to convert warehouse space to production areas, or to expand their office areas.