Preventive Maintenance is a Key Component of the Overall Long-Term Health of Your HVAC Equipment

The goal of our HVAC preventive maintenance program is to help ensure your equipment continually operates as it should, so that your business continues running smoothly. Everyone at our company, from the service technicians to the sales representatives, is committed to your success.

At Northern Weathermakers HVAC, our preventive maintenance programs for industrial and commercial HVAC equipment are designed to:

  1. Reduce your energy costs (Gas and Electric)
  2. Improve employee comfort and productivity
  3. Improve indoor air quality (IAQ)
  4. Reduce runtime, thereby extending the useful life of your equipment
  5. Lower your repair expenses
  6. Increase system uptime and efficiency
  7. Forestall capital expenditures for equipment replacement
  8. Help your “green” quotient by reducing energy consumption and prolonging equipment life
  9. Standard maintenance per manufacture’s specifications
  10. Increased savings of 15% on all parts and labor
  11. Priority emergency response over non-contract clientele