Below are a list of our current job openings.

Please send resume to info@northernweathermakers.com

Entry Level HVAC Sales

Northern Weathermakers HVAC Inc. (NWHVAC) is a full service Heating and Cooling company located in Northbrook IL. We specialize in commercial / industrial HVAC maintenance, service, construction and building automation.

NWHVAC is an aggressively growing company looking for an Entry Level sales professional to learn the sales side of the HVAC business. Our ideal candidate would have worked in the HVAC industry in any capacity.

The compensation plan rewards self-motivated, independent, and goal oriented salespeople. Many would consider NWHVAC a small company, in numerous ways we act like one. Our sales team owns much of the sales process, is empowered to do what is right and best, and is ultimately responsible for the satisfaction of the customer.

Our top performers are passionate about NWHVAC’s products and services, are motivated financially. We believe NWHVAC has a strong differentiation statement and employs people who can separate NWHVAC from our competition.

If you think you would be a good fit at NWHVAC, please contact us.

HVAC Sales

Northern Weathermakers HVAC, Inc. is looking for an experienced Sales Engineer for the purpose of designing and selling commercial/industrial heating, air conditioning and ventilation solutions direct to owner. This position will require the following:

  1. Engineering degree or background.
  2. General knowledge of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems design to include:
    • Air Duct Systems
    • Boiler Systems
    • Refrigerant based Air Conditioning Systems
    • Steam Heating Systems
    • Hot Water Heating Systems
    • Chilled Water Systems
    • Exhaust Systems
    • Make-Up Air Systems
    • Associated System Controls
  3. Proposal Composition
  4. Proposal Presentation
  5. Direct to End User Sales
  6. Project Negotiation
  7. Project Management

If you are this type of salesperson and think you would be a good fit at NWHVAC, please contact us.

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