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May, 2018
Are You Ready to Cut the Cord?


Many people today are trying to "cut the cord" in all aspects of their life.

Homeowners are getting rid of hardwired cable and satellite TV providers and home and building security has gone wireless.

Entire IT departments have gotten rid of servers in lieu of cloud-based storage. Every public setting now has a Wi-Fi hot spot. Wireless technology is here to stay and is a part of our everyday lives.

In this email, Adam Klenotich, Building Automation Manager of N-Control, a subsidiary of Northern Weathermakers, writes about how this trend is impacting the HVAC industry as well. See the article below with examples of how customers are significantly reducing their expenses. I think you'll find it interesting.

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Retrofitting Leads to Significant Savings

By Adam Klenotich, Building Automation Manager, N-Control

There are many new wireless solutions available today. Wireless products can be used to retrofit old pneumatic controlled buildings into new with digital control. They can create multiple zones where only one zone previously existed. The addition of wireless temperature sensors can help improve comfort within a building by providing a larger temperature sample size. Many of these new wireless products can communicate to a collector box which can be integrated into an existing building automation system. Even VAV and plant controls have gone wireless; there are solutions available that these controllers can communicate wirelessly to an existing BACnet automation system.

Lighting solutions have gone wireless as well. New wireless products are available that can detect occupancy and motion, utilize daylight harvesting, and provide push button controls to control commercial lighting applications. These new wireless lighting solutions can also integrate into an existing building automation system.

The average savings when implementing a new system is 28%. Recently we installed an entire wireless network throughout a floor in a Chicago hospital to control patients' room temperature as well as control the adjacent corridors, nurses' stations, and offices. We integrated this new system into the hospital's existing Building Automation System.

We also recently installed wireless valve actuators and thermostats in a two-story office building in an oil refinery. The new wireless system enabled control to each individual office. The wireless gateway was integrated into the property's new Building Automation System. We created custom logic in the front end to make wireless thermostats direct acting and reverse acting.

These are just a few of today's wireless solutions being implemented into buildings. There are many other wireless applications available; chances are one of them would be a perfect addition to your building.

N-control is committed to being on the forefront of all new HVAC and building automation technology. Let us know how we can help you take control of your building and increase your comfort while lowering your operating costs.

Adam Klenotich began his career with our organization as a Northern Weathermakers service rep. Five years ago he transitioned to a Building Automation Systems special with N-Control. To learn more about the return on investment from a Building Automation System, call Adam at 847-509-2164 or send him an email at

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