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April, 2019

A Lifelong Learner... Off to An Impressive Start

After Dallas Chiero-Osborne graduated from high school, he came to work at Northern Weathermakers as a shop hand and parts runner, assisting our service technicians. One year later, he entered our apprenticeship program.

"I wasn't interested in going to college and getting into debt. The HVAC field was of interest because I knew a few people who worked in it and they had only positive experiences to share," explains Dallas. "When I was a junior in high school, they convinced me it would make for a good career."

Dallas still assists our service techs, but because of the education and training he's already received, he is able to co-manage the HVAC service maintenance for one of our retail clients. Dallas handles basic services in the client's 30 locations throughout northern Illinois -- from changing filters to changing belts. He also helps diagnose issues that can then be resolved by senior colleagues. 

By nature, Dallas is a lifelong learner, continually challenging himself. In 2016, he got hooked on powerlifting, a strength sport consisting of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift. By 2017 he entered his first competition. Much of the sport, says Dallas, is trying to beat your best personal record. His next competition is in July, so he spends a lot of his free time working out at home or at the nearby gym he belongs to (they have equipment he doesn't own).

Money management is another area of interest for Dallas. He recently read The Financial Peace Planner, a book dedicated to getting out of debt by New York Times best-selling author Dave Ramsey. "I read it for tips of what not to do." Clearly, Dallas takes his study of financial matters seriously: Last December, Dallas and his fiancée, Morgan, who will exchange vows this December, purchased a home in McHenry, IL. (And if this sounds like an "ordinary" activity for soon-to-be newlyweds, know that it isn't: Dallas is 20, Morgan is 22.)

Long term, there is plenty of opportunity for Dallas at Northern Weathermakers. He already looks forward to using his computer and technology skills on more complex projects as he continues his apprenticeship and training in the field.

As for what the future holds on the personal front, all Dallas knows for sure right now is that he and his bride-to-be plan to have children. "I've also wanted to buy a Corvette since I was seven years old, so that's on my list of goals, too."

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