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May, 2019

"It took some of the load off of him"

Mike Stas is a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of guy.

When a client, a director of maintenance for a facility, mentioned to Mike that he wasn't sure how they would get all the work done to prepare for their upcoming 50th anniversary event, Mike offered to help. He showed up that Saturday morning and drove stakes in the ground for three hours so the client's staff could set up boundary fences to manage parking for the day.
"It took some of the load off of him," explains Mike

Helping others and building and maintaining relationships are lessons Mike learned as a child from his parents. All good lessons, but not everyone takes them to heart and follows them decades later as Mike has. "We were encouraged to engage with people -- not to be afraid of them," Mike says. Spend just a few minutes conversing with Mike, in person or over the phone, and you'll discover his gift for connecting with others.

When Mike was 20 years old, he went to work as a sales representative for a company that sold high-end printing equipment. On one of his first sales calls he was offered a job on the spot. Though flattered, he explained that it would be in poor taste to leave his new employer so soon. So he listened to his prospect talk about their need for salespeople and he connected the dots. One month later, Mike's dad, a veteran salesperson and small business owner who was looking for a new role, was hired as the company's sales manager.

Mike joined Northern Weathermakers in January 2018. While his primary role is to generate new business for our company, he takes a holistic view with everyone he meets. "I feel more like a consultant than a salesperson. I uncover stones and figure out what people need. I don't think of it as work. Every week I get to find new opportunities to meet and get to know people." His enthusiasm is genuine. About a year ago, Northern Weathermakers was asked to submit a proposal to handle HVAC maintenance for an Oklahoma-based company's northern Illinois properties. Soon Mike was on the phone with the prospect chatting about the University of Oklahoma's football team (his girlfriend is from Tulsa). Two weeks later, we won the RFP. "We hit it off," Mike says.

In the summer, Mike, an avid White Sox fan, attends a lot of games with friends he's had since kindergarten. Several times a week he also gets together with his girlfriend Kylie, who is earning her Master's in School Psychology at Loyola University. "She is the one for me… she is everything and more. She's helped build me up and help me grow as a person." As for Northern Weathermakers, Mike plans to be a part of the company for the long run. He understands the value of great management and feels as if he has that at Northern Weathermakers.

"They are helping me grow as a salesperson in this industry, and I want to be the best at what I do." By the time Mike turns 60, though, he – and Kylie – plan to have the luxury to travel and see the world. They are off to a good start, having enjoyed a vacation in the Bahamas in March. 

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