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Northern Weathermakers is the ideal source for Commercial Services in Riverwoods, Illinois

Emergency Service

Many businesses’ operate extended or full time schedules, and your Commercial Service failures can not wait until "the next business day".

Northern Weathermakers customers can rest easy knowing that we will quickly respond to any emergency service they require twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Sheet Metal Industrial Ventilation

Our team has lots of experience handling ventilation design needs. From industrial venting to black iron, we are your company.

Process / Medical Gas Piping

Our team is certified in Medical gas work and have installed many systems in a variety of industrial and commercial plants, hospitals and surgical centers.

Our Process piping engineering, design and installation services has been used in many facilities​​ throughout Chicagoland.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a key component of the overall long-term health of your Commercial equipment. The goal of our Commercial Services preventive maintenance program is to help ensure your equipment continually operates as it should, so that your business continues running smoothly. Everyone at our company, from the service technicians to the sales representatives, is committed to your success.

Building Automation

Building Automation with today’s technologies is exciting. Never before could you obtain precise temperature control while saving a substantial amount of energy.

Equipment Replacement

Just because commercial equipment is old does not mean it's time to replace it. Thanks in large part to a Northern Weathermakers Commercial Service preventive maintenance program, many of our customers enjoy dependable heating and cooling in Chicago and surrounding areas from equipment that is many years beyond the average useful life.

There inevitably comes a time, however, when it is best to replace equipment. This can be when the equipment has surpassed its useful life, when it has been damaged, or when it no longer adequately serves its purpose.

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